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A doctor explains if ‘jaw trainers’ for men actually work

Strength training for your jaw is not entirely new: Football star Cristiano Ronaldo made a series of commercials for "facial fitness" equipment back in 2014. But a growing number of methods and gadgets designed to increase the angle of your jaw line have spread across platforms like TikTok recently.

In a new video where he answers a series of questions from subscribers, YouTube doctor Mike discusses the effectiveness of jaw trainers.

"Cristiano Ronaldo got crazy money for making that ad, and you should not really use these things, because the masticatory muscles are really strong, but the reality is that if you exaggerate it, you can create problems in the TMJ area, which literally, literally makes you get a headache, ”he says.

"And then at night, if you overtrain those muscles, you can start clenching your teeth and grinding your teeth and grinding your cheek teeth down," he continues. "You do not want these problems, believe me on this, I've seen patients suffer with it, it's a big big problem."

Elsewhere on the Internet, there are those who believe that "mewing" exercises can help define your jaw muscles, even if these claims remain false. "I think mewing is a great example of the power of history," said Timothy Caulfield, Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy. "This is one of those areas where there really is not much evidence, good clinical evidence that supports it. It is almost exclusively based on the intuitive appeal and anecdotes and testimonies."

It is important to remember that for most guys, the shape of their jaw line is not determined by their facial muscles, but rather by the bone structure. And while you able to Shape the jaw you want through injectables like calcium hydroxylapatite, it's an extreme, expensive process.

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