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Did Christina Haack marry fiancé Joshua Hall this weekend? – She knows

Christina Haack has always been protective about her relationship with fiancé Joshua Hall, but a cryptic caption that has now been deleted from her latest Instagram post has fans curious. Has the couple fled during the long weekend? Let's take a look at some of the tracks.

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Last Friday, she posted a beloved photo of the two of them at a place by the sea - she looked amazing in a white bikini and he was wearing blue swimming trunks. Haack wrote in the caption: "Builds life together and enjoys some alone time. Love you Josh," along with a heart and an infinity symbol. But the original post, according to People, had the date "1.14.22." It is no longer there after some of her followers began to question whether they saw a wedding band that would go along with the beautiful engagement ring she received from Hall four months ago.

If that wasn't enough evidence to raise an eyebrow, then another deleted caption from a Sunday post might convince you. After sharing a close-up beach picture - this time with the HGTV star in a hot-pink bikini - she wrote: "Too fast, too soon, too blah blah blah .. the feeling of pure bliss / the deep conversations, love is What is it." It sounds like they bonded after a whirlwind romance, and she reminds everyone that her real estate fiancé (husband?) Is the right one for her after being married twice before. Her new caption is a series of emojis now: a sun, a red heart, a whale, a key and a lock. Did they lock their love while on vacation?

Haack has been grateful for what Hall has added to her life and has kept their relationship as private as possible. "I immediately felt crazy protective of him and wanted to keep him to myself and get to know each other before the tornado (media attention) hit," she wrote after revealing him to the public. Although she does not confirm that they are married, Haack at least confirms that their love is genuine and that they are going on solid ground.

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