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Dr. Disrespect closes Warzone’s ‘aimbot’ hacking in a signature manner

Streaming star Dr Disrespect responded in his signature style after being told he was accused of cheating in Call of Duty: Warzone.

For the past year or so, cheating has been rampant in Call of Duty: Warzone, which has caused some players to turn their backs on the game forever and find something else. Raven Software and Activision have cracked down on hackers, rolled out ban waves and the RICOCHET anti-cheat system.

However, some of the content creators who have stuck around have been subjected to "hacking" where some critics are convinced that they are cheating in some way.

Many believe that some of Warzone's biggest names use VPNs to find easier lobbies, and some just hack with aimbots and wallhacks. Now, Dr. Disrespect was put under scrutiny and he reacted in the only way he knows how.

Dr Disrespect game
YouTube: DrDisrespect
Doc's trademark Violence, Speed, and Momentum reigns supreme.

During his stream on January 14, Two-Time jumped into a session with regular duo partner ZLaner when some viewers informed him that he was the subject of a 'hacking' video on Twitter.

The doc first laughed at it, but eventually brought it up-stream to show his audience. The video claimed that the streamer had an aimbot when he aimed at an enemy, which was quite difficult to see due to the cutting work of the map.

"Oh, you like that! Hey, that's when you know you've called in," the doctor exclaimed after showing his stylish quick flick. "We knew there were two guys, one down on the right, we already knew that, it was discovered, it was easy! God, I was called in. ”

Time stamp at 2:51:16

The Two-Time reviewed the clip a few times and could not help but be impressed with his own skills. "If the guy looked though, oh man! That's when you know you've called in," he continued.

While many of the big streamers are clearly not cheating, some members of the Warzone community will never be convinced otherwise.

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