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Dr Disrespect urges Warzone devs to release new map within “2 to 3 months”

YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect has urged the Warzone devs to launch a new map to replace Caldera within the next few months, claiming the Pacific environment is not fit to last a year.

Prior to the release of Caldera and Warzone Pacific back in December, Warzone fans were excited at the prospect of a new map and a move away from Verdansk.

The excitement has subsided though, and given way to relative turmoil as bugs, glitches, and cheating rule supreme on the sun-soaked environment. Activision have even apologized to CoD fans for the prevalent problems.

Dr Disrespect is among those who have criticized the game in recent weeks and, in a January 15 live stream, he doubled down on his comments and called for a new map.

Warzone Caldera huts
Caldera has been a nightmare for many players.

After a viewer told The Doc that “Warzone is boring,” he weighed in with his thoughts on Caldera and the Pacific update, and they were not exactly complimentary.

"Warzone is so boring, I'm with you," he said. “I'm actually with you on that one. I think if I were them [Activision] I'd work on a [new map]. F ** k man, that's gonna be a long time.

“If they had a strong pipeline they'd already have another map in the works. And almost finished and ready. ”

Timestamp for mobile users - 29:20

He continued, saying he hopes to see a completely new map very soon: “And then you push it out in like 2 months, 3 months. Because there's just no way that map can fly for the next year. Champs am I wrong on that or? I do not think this map can fly for another year. ”

The Doc is far from the only community figure to criticize Caldera but, given the time Verdansk was with us and the undoubted effort that went into its creation, we can not see it being abandoned before the release of CoD 2022 at the earliest.

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