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Jonah Hill ends funny unexpected celebrity feud with his ‘dear friend’

Jonah Hill wants everyone to know that it's good between him and Baby Yoda, aka Grogu, the little green star in "The Mandalorian".

He was not exactly impressed.

"Leo made me watch 'The Mandalorian' when we were doing 'Don't Look Up' and it was like Baby Yoda was so cute but I just did not care because I did not know anything about it. was about, ”he told the magazine.

The comments led to more than a few laughs online - including this one:

Hill highlighted the tweet on Instagram for taking a shot at the coverage of the comment.

"LOL there is something cornier than literally all media," he wrote. "They're literally trying to create beef between me and Baby Yoda."

"I'm going to get ahead of it. I'm going to say it once in the post officially: Baby Yoda and I are dear friends and texting at least once a week. We may not be texting friends every day, and yes, Covid is charging our friendship, but we are all good. And that's all I want to say on this matter! Now respect our privacy at this point. "

"Don't Look Up" is currently being streamed on Netflix.


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