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Long Covid: The supplement that could help eliminate the long-term effects

Dietary supplements are a common sight, both on the shelves of pharmacies and in our homes. People take supplements to help them feel better the morning after a night on the town. People take supplements to increase their vitamin D levels when there is little sunlight. And people are taking supplements as they get older.

Now it seems that a special supplement may be able to treat long-term Covid.

Specifically, a probiotic.

A study published in the journal Gut Microbes has found that boosting healthy bacteria in the gut can help treat the condition that affects over a million people living in the UK.

The study showed that complete remission was achieved by 78 out of the 147 participants, a success rate of 53.1 percent.

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In addition, it was found that the probiotic had an effect on symptoms already five days inside the treatment plan.

In addition to this, there was also a significant reduction in the amount of virus, suggesting that participants may be less likely to suffer from prolonged Covid.

At Long Covid, as mentioned, it is a condition that affects over a million patients in the UK and many more around the world.

Figuring out how to treat it will be a significant medical challenge after pandemic.


The NHS recommends that patients consult their physician if they are still suffering from the after-effects of COVID-19 four weeks after infection.

Blood tests, blood pressure, pulse and x-rays of the thorax can be taken to determine if a person has Long-Covid or another condition.

Currently, there are very few concrete treatments for long-term Covid.

Some people's symptoms disappear after a few weeks or a few months, some still experience symptoms almost two years after they first caught the condition.

The British Heart Foundation has some guidelines for dealing with your symptoms.

It said, in terms of fatigue and shortness of breath, that it is advisable to set the pace in itself and try to break down tasks that feel difficult into smaller chunks.

In addition, it is recommended that people continue to do things that make them feel short of breath such as "If you stop using your muscles, they will become weaker, which may make you more short of breath when you try to use them" .

More information and guidance can be found on BHF's website; If you are concerned about prolonged Covid use, consult your doctor.

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