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Princess Märtha Louise of Norway felt ‘grief’ after ex-husband’s death

  • Princess Märtha Louise of Norway opened up about her ex-husband's death by suicide.
  • She spoke on the podcast "Zoom O'Clock" with the former Princess of Luxembourg, Tessy Antony de Nassau.
  • She said Ari Behn's death on Christmas Day 2019 left her in a "grave of depression."

Princess Märtha Louise shared intimate details of mourning Ari Behn, her ex-husband and the father of her three children, following his death by suicide on Christmas Day 2019.

The 50-year-old princess opened up about the impact Behn's death had on her family in the latest episode of " Zoom O'Clock's January 10 podcast featuring Tessy Antony de Nassau, a 36-year-old former princess who married Prince Louis of Luxembourg in 2006, reported Mail Online. The podcast host was stripped of his title following their divorce in 2019, the publication added. .

"I think it's so important that no matter what we go through as human beings, and we all go through so many different things, and grief is something we all have to face at some point in life," Märtha Louise said. to the Nassau.

"Unfortunately, my children met it at a very young age. But we all go through it at some point, and I think it's really important that we all learn from it - that you can not go around what you have to. go through it, "she added.

According to the Norwegian royal family's website, Märtha Louise married Behn, a writer, on May 24, 2002. It is added that the couple had three children, Maud Angelica, 18, Leah Isadora, 16, and Emma Tallulah, 13, before they divorced. in 2017.

On May 12, 2019, she announced her relationship with an LA-based shaman, Durek Verrett, former Insider reported. She posted a photo of herself on Instagram, describing Verrett as a "twin flame" who taught her that "unconditional love actually exists."

Speaking to de Nassau about her personal experience of grief, she said: "It's like having tunnel vision because it covers everything. You can get stuck in that grief and you can go into a pit. depression "which I did, and you can get out of it too."

Märtha Louise opened up about Behn's death in an Instagram post on the day of his funeral, which took place on January 3, 2020 at Oslo Cathedral, according to People.

A post shared by Princess Märtha Louise (@princessmarthalouise)

In a photo of Behn, People reported that she wrote: "Dear Ari, We were going to be together for Christmas and celebrate. We were all looking forward to it. And we are so infinitely sad and sad at the loss of you because you was the girls' warm, funny, clever and good father, whom they miss so much. "

She acknowledged her "invisible disease" and concluded, "We keep you in love, Ari, and move on with your words: Every day is a party, and you are a jewel."

Earlier in the podcast episode, Märtha Louise also said she was "really proud" that her eldest daughter Maud had channeled the loss of her father to a creative outlet and created a bestselling book in Norway entitled "Threads of Tears", which explores grief.

"This has been a very positive thing for her to share with people so she could also work her way through her pain and all the things she has been through with her grief," said Märtha Louise, adding that "the valley of grief" is a physically exhausting place to be.

She added that the education system "is not good enough" to teach people to support each other through depression, saying, "We are not learning these things that are so crucial to all people."

Representatives of Princess Märtha Louise and de Nassau did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

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