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Troy Baker-backed NFT company admits to using voice lines taken from another service without permission •

Voiceverse NFT, the company that prolific video game voice actor Troy Baker announced he would collaborate with last week, has now admitted to using voice lines created by a non-commercial rival.

The NFT-driven brand hit the headlines last week after Baker bravely announced that he would support the company - and that his fans could "hate" or "create". The message received a generally negative response.

The idea behind Voiceverse NFT is that you buy the rights to a particular voice - originally performed by a voice actor - as an NFT using planet-burning cryptocurrency. You can then use these audio permissions to create your own AI-powered voice lines.

But in now-deleted tweets, Voiceverse proved to have boasted of using its technology for the voice of a cartoon character - which was actually created using, a popular non-commercial text-to-speech service.

Unlike Voiceverse NFT, is free to use and play with. Using only 15-second voice samples from various fictional characters, its technology lets you write text and e.g. have David Tennant's tenth doctor or Glados from Portal read out what you wrote.

Last Friday night, the creator wrote on Twitter that they were aware that Voiceverse NFT was "actively trying to acquire my work for their own benefit". In fact, logs apparently showed that Voiceverse NFT had used for an AI-powered voice to be sold as an NFT.

Via Twitter, Voiceverse NFT claimed that its technology was behind the voiced animation of a cat released by NFT company Cubbiverse. The original tweet has now been deleted, but you can see it saved below:

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The creator of said that the voice work was actually only an output from his own service, edited a bit so it sounded different.

"Incredible. They even raised their voice to intentionally make it sound unrecognizable from Rainbow Dash's original voice," wrote the creator of, referring to a My Little Pony voice available on the service.

Voiceverse NFT later responded, admitting that they had used while apologizing for the use "without giving proper credit".

"Hi @fifteenai, we'm very sad about this," Voiceverse NFT wrote. "The voice was really taken from your platform that our marketing team used without giving proper credit. The Chubiverse team has no knowledge of this. We want to make sure this never happens again."

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Late last Friday, Baker posted a series of tweets going back to some of the language he had used to promote NFTs earlier that day - "The 'hate / create' part could have been a bit antagonistic ..." , he wrote. Baker, however, did not say he would no longer promote Voiceverse NFT or lend his voice to the service.

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