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What if ‘Destiny 2’ did not erase its best mission when Witch Queen arrives?

With Destiny 2's The Witch Queen expansion just one month away, we're heading into yet another round of content vaulting. Not as big as the massive carving that happened with Beyond Light, but big enough.

Some old content is on the way, the Forsaken campaign and the Tangled Shore destination, but also the whole of last year's seasonal content, including all the activities and missions from it, almost.

There are a few exceptions here. Bungie found a way to exclude the Warden of Nothing strike from being vaulted, despite Tangled Shore leaving and it's technically at that destination. Also, seasonal Battlegrounds remain from Season of the Chosen and will be folded into the Strike playlist going forward.

Well, I would ask for one more exception, to spare the life of what I would consider the best single mission in the Destiny series, Presage.

Presage was an independent exotic mission introduced during Season of the Chosen in February 2021. In it, players board the Glykon, uncovering lore and mechanic-related mysteries and claiming Dead Man's Tale exotic. The mission could then be repeated and cultivate the exotic into random scrolls.


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