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Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 raised a record $ 3.4 million for charity

The latest Awesome Games Done Quick speedrunning marathon is in the books. After another week of players demonstrating their skills and romping through games as quickly as possible, AGDQ 2022 raised $ 3,416,729 to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. It's a record total for any Games Done Quick event in the organization's 12-year history.

According to GDQ's tracker, the highest donation was $ 236,656 and the average promise was $ 25. AGDQ 2022 rose to $ 1 million in donations, reaching that limit faster than any previous GDQ event.

AGDQ once again took place as an online event in the midst of COVID-19 concerns. Although there was no personal audience to hype the players up, there were still some notable races. For example, a runner named Mitchriz used sound signals and a deep knowledge of the notoriously difficult Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to beat the game in two hours blindfolded.

Runners also broke some world records during the event, including in Kena: The Bridge of the Spirits, Pumpkin Jack and Webbed. You can catch up on these races and everything else from AGDQ on the Games Done Quick YouTube channel.

GDQ will next host a speedrunning event for all women called Frost Fatales, which takes place between February 27 and March 5. As usual, you can watch it live on Twitch. Summer Games Done Quick returns later this year.

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