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Carlos Serafin dies in an attempt to save granddaughter Ma’Liyah White after she fell into a frozen pond

A man died in an attempt to save his 10-year-old grandson who fell through a frozen pond in Illinois Saturday morning, a report and relatives say.

The tragedy unfolded after little Ma'Liyah White ventured out on the ice in search of two of her six dogs roaming the frozen pond in Charleston, the girl's aunt Amanda Beals wrote in a GoFundMe post.

After Ma'Liyah fell into the cold water, her sister Bailey, who was with her at the time, ran home seeking help from her grandfathers Bill Croy and Carlos Serafin, Beals said.

"Carlos jumped into the pond with a broomstick to try to save Ma'Lyiah, but she was already under the ice and he was also sucked under," Beals wrote in the post.

Croy, who is married to Serafin and is the girls' legal guardian, hit the ice but could not find the couple, according to Beals.

A rescue crew with Charleston's fire department arrived shortly after and picked up both victims, the Herald & Review reported.

Ma'Lyiah was revived and hospitalized in critical condition, Bearns said, but Serafin could not be revived.

Three dogs were also rescued from the pond, but one of them died later, the newspaper reported.

"Carlos loved those girls and all their dogs so much," Beals told the Herald & Review.

"We as a family can not stress enough how much Carlos was a hero and how much he truly loved his family and would do anything for them," she said.


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