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Diplomacy is not an option delaying its hordes until next month

Diplomacy Is Not An Option looks comfortable and nice, a rural builder of the kind that would captivate me for a lost weekend. There's a little fight, but not mu-- Oh, wow. Please wait. There is a moment in this trailer where it suddenly looks like one of those commercials for fake mobile games. That horder. Apparently thousands of enemies on the screen, and the physics to simulate being thrown around.

You can watch the said trailer below, released along with the news that the game has slipped into next month.

Here you go:

This is what ten thousand enemies attacking a castle look like. It's not just beating the enemies that are physically simulated: all weapons, such as arrows, like physical projectiles instead of hit-scan, too. That should mean that it really does matter how you build your castle walls.

How come I have not been enthusiastic about this game until now? Probably because I did not see Katharina's article from October last year which called it "proper magic" based on the still available demo:

It's been a long time since I've found an RTS that recaptures the many hours I spent playing Warcraft 2 when I was growing up, but Diplomacy Is Not An Option comes pretty close. I played the hybrid citybuilder / tower defense game demo this week, and the long-forgotten memories of building row upon row of archery towers to bomb incoming orcs, defend my town hall, and send my little workers out to fish, mine and chopping all the wood came flowing back. Only here do the enemy armies come in waves of increasing size. Fortunately, in addition to standard sword and bow people at your disposal, you also have a bit of magic - including a big bold giant sky laser.

DINAO was to be launched in early access on January 26, but has now moved back to February 9. I'm glad it's on my radar now.

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