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From Tom Brady to The Rock

And just like that, with the Los Angeles Rams' 34-11 wild-card round victory over the Arizona Cardinals, the first season of Peyton and Eli's Monday Night Football broadcast is over.

When we first got together with the Manning brothers in week 1, they wasted no time proving that they are as fun to watch in the unconventional stand (read: Eli's basement and Peyton's remote production room) as they were on the field.

Whether the former quarterbacks offered invaluable insight into the game, tweeted to each other (so many pan jokes) or engaged in history with their high-profile guests (14 former players and 11 current players among them), Mondays instantly became a little less banal.

Despite straying from their distinctive quarter-quarter jerseys (oddly enough), Peyton and Eli still brought it to the playoffs. Thanks to a little help from Larry Fitzgerald, The Rock, Russell Wilson - and jokes at the expense of Eli's beloved New York Giants - the ManningCast finale was not lacking in memorable moments.

As we prepare for months of football-free Mondays, we took the liberty of gathering some of the season's most ManningCast-y, ManningCast moments:

Snoop Dogg gives Eli a chain ...

If guest strength rankings were a thing, Snoop Dogg would have to take the top spot alone for this move.

When Snoop Dogg joined ManningCast in Week 17, the rapper and avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan immediately made a strong impression by giving his host and birthday child Eli a gift.

It's hard to think of a smarter way to go into your 41st year than with a Death Row Records chain around your neck.

Peyton encouraged his younger brother to rock his new bling for the playoffs. Of course, Eli delivered.

Eli proves that his hips do not lie ...

In Week 3, Eli decided to demonstrate how Dak Prescott "creates momentum" by loosening his hips during his pre-game warm-up routine. After Eli compared himself to Shakira, Peyton was made speechless and commented, "I have nothing for you. I want to let it sink in for our viewers."

Mom, the meatloaf ...

When fans took to Twitter to question whether Eli lives with his parents, the quarterback leaned all the way in with a tasteful, well-timed nod to Chazz Reinhold.

Beast Mode wants Beast Mode ...

When Marshawn Lynch joined the call in Week 7, Marshawn Lynch immediately informed the Manning brothers that he had changed his normal pregame ritual of taking one and a half shots of Hennessy to account for "big brother" and "little brother" with a minimum of three shots.

Eli trolls Tom Brady ...

When Brady came on the air in Week 7 (it was an extremely star-studded week), Eli made sure to get into a subtle snippet about the former New England Patriots QB's two Super Bowl losses at the hands of the former New York Giants QB.

People do not forget it.

Brady, big "babe" guy ...

While we were trolling with Brady, no one was better equipped for the task than his close friend and former teammate, Julian Edelman.

The retired Patriots standout WR came through with perhaps the crown of the work in Week 11 as he leaned on his true talent to emulate Brady and Rob Gronkowski as he recounted a conversation between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers duo.

Although we may not know the actual dialogue in the conversation, this version felt right.

The ManningCast curse ends undefeated ...

To keep it real, we would be uncomfortable not to mention the rumored "ManningCast curse" - a dreaded phenomenon in which all active players who joined the Peyton and Eli show subsequently lost the next game they played.

First it came for Travis Kelce and Wilson in Week 2 after their Week 1 appearances on the TV show. Then the curse claimed Week 2 guest Gronkowski and Matthew Stafford the following week. The curse turned out to be alive and well after the Manning brothers' three-week break when Brady suffered its effects in week 8. The next was Josh Allen, who, you guessed it, lost in week 9.

While Aaron Rodgers only played in the first half of Week 18, the Green Bay Packers still felt the wrath of the curse with a loss to the Detroit Lions after Rodgers' appearance.

If you lost track, it's an astonishing 0-7 record for NFL stars coming from a ManningCast como.

May we humbly suggest that players take Phil Mickelson's advice and try to come within a farewell week of next season?


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