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How to live longer: Grapes can increase longevity

Numerous studies have shown that various diet remedies can help tremendously when it comes to a variety of diseases and serious health conditions. Fruits and vegetables represent an untapped reservoir of various nutritional phytochemicals with potential cancer-reducing and cholesterol-lowering abilities.

Grapes are a rich source of the antioxidant resveratrol.

A number of studies show that resveratrol has the potential to possibly stop cancer from starting in the breast, liver, stomach and lymphatic system.

"The skin of the grape has the most resveratrol, so leave the skin intact," said dietitian Lindsay Wohlford.

Polyphenols and other phytochemicals can also reduce and help control blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels and reduce chronic inflammation - another risk factor for heart disease.

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In a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, the anticancer potential of grape seed extract and other grape-based products was analyzed.

"Grapes and grape-based products are one such class of diet products that have shown cancer chemo-preventive potential and are also known to improve the health of the general human," the study noted.

It added: "The anticancer effects of whole black grape extract (seeds included) have been reported in colon cancer tissue in humans via inhibition of DNA metabolizing enzymes.

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Professor Zhaoping Li said: "We found that grapes have a beneficial effect on intestinal bacteria, which is good news as a healthy gut is essential for good health.

He added: "Various studies involving grapes deepen our knowledge and expand the range of health benefits, further enhancing the heart health benefits of lowered cholesterol grapes."

Grapes are also known to help keep blood vessels healthy and flexible for good circulation and healthier blood pressure.

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