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KING SOOPERS STRIKE: Union says the company has imposed a temporary ban on members

DENVER (KDVR) - According to United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7, King Soopers requested a temporary restraining order against members on Tuesday.

UFCW President Kim Cordova responded to the company's move by saying the union "strongly disagrees" with the company's "unfounded allegations" and referred to them as "bullying tactics."

"This company refuses to negotiate. They want to stop our freedom of speech and curtail even more of the workers' rights. We will not stand for that. We remain focused on our fight to give King Soopers / Kroger workers the industry-leading contract they deserve.

"We reiterate our call on the members of the Union to be strong and determined on the line. We will continue to fight on behalf of our members for an improved living wage, a safe workplace and a place to shop, health care for workers and the withdrawal of favorable proposals that undermine the dignity of Essential Workers. "

UFCW President Kim Cordova

Negotiations continue nearly a week after the union members' strike against the company over "unfair work practices." Two proposals from King Soopers were rejected by the union, and Cordova said little progress has been made at the meetings.

"After four consecutive days of negotiations, we have made little or no progress with the Kroger / King Soopers. They still refuse to address the concerns and needs of our members, who have raised their voices on the strike lines, in the media and around the negotiating table to demand a living wage for significant labor, ”Cordova said Tuesday morning.

King Soopers declined offer

An offer that included salary investments and signing bonuses of more than $ 148 million over the next three years was rejected before the expiration of the current contract.

The company's "Last, Best, and Final Offer" was a $ 170 million package that would raise salaries over the next three years, including bonuses, and would invest in healthcare, "that would result in zero impact" on current premiums. That proposal was rejected last week.

King Soopers has not released any information about the temporary detention that the union claims it has filed.


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