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Wordle Answer 212 Today: January 17, 2022 Daily Word Solution & Tip

Wordle January 17, 2022 Daily Words (# 212) is now available. Here is today's solution along with some tips.

UPDATE: New word for January 18 - 212, CLICK HERE

Wordle went viral and now has more than two million players waiting for the new daily word to be released. Since the creator of the game is based in the UK, the new daily word is reset at. 12.00 GMT / 19.00 EST.

Josh Wardle, the creator of Wordle, had never expected that the game would gain the popularity it has. New Zealanders were the first to capture the addictive puzzle game, and it later took Twitter by storm with thousands of users writing their scores when a new word is revealed.

As you already know, the rules are simple. You have a token of six guesses for words of five letters. Green indicates that you have the correct letter in the exact place, and yellow indicates that the letter is in the word, but it is not in the correct position.

Most people manage to get today's Wordle words within the six guesses, but if you're struggling, we have some tips in front of you below along with the Worlde answer to 212 today.


Tip 1: Contains the letter H

Tip 2: It starts with the letter S

What is Wordle Answer 212 today? (January 17, 2022)

The answer 212 is "Shire".

17 January 211 The world's answer solution today
Jan 17 211 Wordle Answer Solution today

The definition of shire according to the Oxford languages ​​is a county, especially in England. We managed to get this with three guesses, and judging by what we have already seen on Twitter, most players managed to get today's Sire Wordle word 211 within four.

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