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Bill’s rookie tackles Tommy Doyle’s big-man touchdown a byproduct of big win, hard work | Buffalo Bills News | NFL

"I was ready to sign and I thought a little bit, 'Well, hey, I'm in full swing. Let me go and switch," Doyle said. "I remember a couple of people saying, 'Dude, just go up there and sign up for the full block, that's going to be fun.' And I thought, "Help, here we go. I think I will do it. "And then I did it enough."

Here is a position-by-position review of the big win, based on video review and scored on a scale of 0 to 5.

The Bills took a picture, Doyle sat at the table and stared directly into the camera. His gear was on and he had a pen in his hand so he was ready to sign and immediately go back to football. He was dressed for the job he wanted and had.

Doyle had hung up his phone and wanted to make sure he was aware of everything he needed to take care of that day at his new workplace. So he missed when the lyrics started.

"I remember coming back to my phone and seeing all these text messages from my friends and I was thinking, 'What's up?'" He said.

The image quickly spread around on social media and it got a lot of attention. Doyle said he felt immediate support from Bills fans. Now he is waiting to see if it will lead to more players doing the same thing, especially if they - unlike in his case - have time to plan thoroughly.

"It basically happened by accident," he said.


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