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Nanoleaf has stopped selling its original wall tiles

Nanoleaf is retiring the product that made it a household name. As of today, you can no longer purchase Rhythm Light Panels starter kits from the company website. In a video it uploaded to YouTube, Nanoleaf said it now considers the device an older product. It notes that it will continue to support Light Panels in its mobile app "forever" or "for a very, very, very long time."

In practice, this means that you can continue to use the tiles in conjunction with Nanoleaf's group function, so you can synchronize them with its current and future light. A spokesman for Nanoleaf told Engadget that the company will not update the device with new features, but it has planned future firmware updates. "Technology is always evolving and we want to be able to offer the best we can, but because Light Panels have older technology (created before Thread), they will not be able to support Thread," they said.

Should you need spare parts for your tiles, Nanoleaf will offer them until the end of 2023. If you want to expand your current setup, the company has reduced expansion packs by 30 percent and accessories by 50 percent while stocks last. As you might imagine, not everyone is happy with the news.

"This is a bug," said one commenter on the video, which the company released. "All Nanoleaf needed to do was release an updated controller that supports Thread to help connectivity issues." In both the video and on its website, Nanoleaf says that part of the reason it is withdrawing the light panels is that it feels it has found a suitable successor in its new Shapes line.

Update 16:22 ET: Added more information from Nanoleaf.

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