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NBA referees condemn Dak Prescott’s recent comments about fans throwing objects at officials

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers vs. Dallas Cowboys

Getty Images

The NFL has said nothing about Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott's comments that tolerated, if not greeted, fans throwing objects at game officials. The NFL Referees Association has not said anything either.

Surprisingly, the NBA Referees Association is coming.

"That NBRA condemns the comments made by Dak Prescott tolerates violence against gaming officers, "the NBRA said on Twitter." As an NFL leader, he should know better. We urge the NFL to take steps to counter this unfortunate behavior in the future. "

Prescott has not withdrawn his comments. On Monday, Cowboys director Stephen Jones said there is no room in the game to throw objects at officials.

Jones is right. It is a criminal act and it can harm the intended target of the attack or a spectator. Technology exists to spot those involved in such behavior. They should be identified and they should be excluded from further NFL events.

Prescott should also find a way to send a clear message to fans that under no circumstances should they throw objects at anyone.

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