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NFL Rumors: The Wild Scenario That Eli Manning’s Nephew Rescues Giants

Now that would be something of a story.

Longtime NFL writer Gary Myers tweeted a wild but interesting idea Tuesday for the New York Giants to consider.

The Plan to Repair the Giants: Tank for Arch. Eli's QB nephew in New Orleans is the # 1 high school recruit in the class in 2023. He could join the draft as early as 2026. It's many years if you go after the Giants. But if he's better than Peyton & Eli, it's worth it.

Arch Manning, a five-star QB prospect, is the son of Cooper Manning, who is the brother of former Giants star Eli Manning and Pro Football Hall of Famer Peyton Manning. All three are sons of former NFL quarterback Archie Manning.

USA Today reports that Arch Manning's list of college suitors includes five football powerhouses: Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Ole Miss and Texas. Eli and Archie went to Ole Miss, while Peyton went to Tennessee.

Regardless of his choice of college, Arch Manning faces high expectations as part of football's first family.

Uncle Peyton was a five-time NFL MVP and two-time Super Bowl champion.

Uncle Eli was a two-time Super Bowl MVP.

And Grandpa Archie was a two-time Pro Bowl quarterback during 13 seasons in the NFL.

As for the Giants, the team's new general manager and head coach will have to decide whether Daniel Jones, No. 6 in the NFL Draft 2019, is a franchise quarterback, or whether a restart of the position will be necessary at some point.


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