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OAN host Dan Ball asks viewers to dig up ‘dirt’ on the AT&T chair after DirecTV drops the network

After DirecTV dropped the far-right One America News, one of the fact-free network hosts urged its viewers to dig up "dirt" on the chairman of AT&T, the parent company of the satellite TV provider.

"Whatever it is," OAN host Dan Ball pleaded Monday night, listing hypothetical scandals such as extramarital affairs or anti-white racism.

DirecTV announced on Sunday that after a "routine internal review" it had decided not to renew its contract with Herring Networks, the owner of One America News. Aside from OAN, DirecTV also plans to drop the conservative channel's sister network, a luxury-focused lifestyle channel titled A Wealth of Entertainment.

As the majority owner of DirecTV, AT&T faced several calls to drop OAN as the little-seen channel actively curbed controversies and pushed for independent right-wing conspiracies. In fact, OAN is currently battling billion-dollar defamation lawsuits by voting software companies Dominion and Smartmatic to sell false allegations of widespread voter fraud.

The telecommunications giant has also come under intense criticism in recent months after Reuters reported that AT&T not only played an integrated role in the launch of OAN in 2013, but had essentially kept the channel afloat through its contract with DirecTV. "Eighty percent of OAN's revenue came from a contract with AT & T-owned television platforms, including satellite television company DirecTV, according to a sworn testimony from an OAN auditor in 2020," Reuters noted in its story.

Although the network also runs on smaller providers such as Verizon's FiOS and KlowdTV, DirecTV is by far the largest source of OAN's viewership.

At the end of Monday night's broadcast of his show Real America, and after saying earlier in the show that OAN "is now at war with AT&T," Ball told viewers he would "remind them every single day" until DirecTV pulls the plug in April that "we need for your help. "

By airing a graphic that included AT & T's customer support number and a picture of AT & T Chairman William Kennard, Ball noted that Kennard had "connections with Obama and the Clintons for decades." (Kennard, a former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission of the George W. Bush administration, served as U.S. ambassador to the EU under former President Barack Obama.)

The Conservative host urged his audience to "raise the hell up" by calling the AT&T support line "every hour" to demand that they keep OAN, and the Conservative host then accused Kennard of "doing nothing of a political maneuver by press DirecTV "to start the network from its service.

In addition to begging OAN viewers to "blow up" AT & T's phone lines demanding that they keep his channel, Ball also urged them to send them all poor information about the conglomerate's chairman.

"If you have any dirt on Mr. Kennard, I would love to see it and put it on this program," Real America exclaimed the host.

"You bring me concrete evidence of whatever it may be: to be unfaithful to his treasure, to be unfaithful to his wife, to say racial slander against white people," Ball added, referring discreetly to the fact that Kennard is black . "Whatever it is. Find it for me. Come with it and we'll air it."

He ended his prayer by saying that "everyone has small dirty sins and secrets they hide" and that Kennard "deserves to have his revelation" that DirecTV decided to cut ties with One America News.

"Do not let them do this to you, folks, by taking OAN out of the air. We need your help," Ball concluded.

The OAN host also shared a clip of his monologue on his Facebook account along with the following caption: "Tell the chairman of AT&T that he's going to hell to try to cancel #oann We must #boycott everything #att. Do not let them "We did not start this war with the waking mob and radical liberals, but by the grace of God we will end it and win!"

Meanwhile, some prominent conservatives have rallied around OAN in the wake of DirecTV's decision. Late. Rand Paul (R-KY), for example, claimed on Twitter this week that he plans to cancel his subscription to the satellite service because they dropped the cartoon-like pro-Trump channel.


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