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Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians fined $ 50,000 for beating safety Andrew Adams

TAMPA, Fla. Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians has been fined $ 50,000 by the NFL for stroking his hand against Andrew Adams' helmet during Sunday's wildcard game against Philadelphia, a source told ESPN.

The Arians tried to move Adams, who was trying to pull a player out of a pile after a muffled punt by Jalen Reagor, who would have drawn a penalty kick. He can be seen hitting Adams' helmet hard with an open hand and then elbowing him.

Adams was not penalized at the game.

A source told ESPN that the note to Arians said he exhibited "behavior directed at your players that fell below the standards expected of an NFL head coach."

The NFL Network first reported the fine.

Last month, then-Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer came under increasing scrutiny when former kicker Josh Lambo told the Tampa Bay Times that Meyer had kicked him while warming up during a workout. Meyer was fired the next day, but that was due to a series of issues.

Arians was asked on Monday if he regretted having had physical contact with a player.

"No," said Arians. "I've seen enough stupid. You can not pull guys out of a pile. We just got a big game, a great field position, and he's trying to pull a guy out of a pile, and I tried to beat him out of that guy. , so he did not receive a punishment. "


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