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Woman taking selfie as car sinks into a frozen river

(CNN) - Residents near Ottawa used a kayak to rescue a woman whose car crashed into icy water after she ran over a frozen river, It informs the police in a statement.

Residents did not know why the driver was on the Rideau River Sunday. People who witnessed the incident posted videos on social media showing the vehicle whizzing across the ice.

Lynda Douglas Kurylowicz, who posted a series of photos online - including one of the driver taking selfies while standing on the sinking car - told CNN she grabbed her phone after hearing the car drive on the ice.

Kurylowicz said she was disbelieving when she saw the car driving on the frozen river and described the driver's decision to take a selfie during the ordeal as "cavalier".

Shortly after, Kurylowicz called 911 when she heard the ice crack and saw the car start to sink.

"While I was on the phone with 911, people got ropes and things to try to help her (the driver)," Kurylowicz said.

The driver began to crawl out of the car while two men ran to pick up a kayak, to which they tied a rope. Then, standing on the ice in front of the open water, the men threw the kayak into the river and pulled the driver to safety, Kurylowicz added.

Ottawa police said the driver, who was not injured during the incident, was charged with one count of dangerous driving of a motor vehicle.

Police said the vehicle was still in the river and warned people not to venture out on the ice to catch a glimpse of it.

Another reminder that 'No Ice Is Safe Ice'. Be very careful this winter season! "Said the police.

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