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Belkin’s Boost Charge Pro is a $ 60 MagSafe puck with a stand and braided cable

Belkin's new Boost Charge Pro wireless charging charger takes Apple's MagSafe puck and ... yes, makes it "professional" with a 2 meter long braided cable and stand to back up your phone to make it easier to see while charging (via MacRygter). It also comes in black, a must for any accessory that has the professional designation. However, there is a bit of a catch - like many other accessories with official MagSafe certification, it is not cheap.

At $ 60, which it's listed for in both Apple and Belkin stores, the Boost Charge Pro costs significantly more than Apple's $ 40 MagSafe charger, which was already seen as a bit on the expensive side. Yes, you get that outrigger, and having a longer cable is definitely a plus. But is it really worth an extra $ 20, especially considering you may have to budget with a USB-C charging pad, as it is not included in any of the options?

I admit it looks good in black.
Photo: Belkin

This is a familiar story with MagSafe; Despite the technology launched with the iPhone 12, MagSafe-certified charging accessories are not very common. Amazon is full of MagSafe compatible wireless chargers that are magnetically attached to your phone (some of them even have a tripod!), but they will almost certainly have a maximum of 7.5 W charge instead of the 15 W that MagSafe can afford not -Mini iPhones. (It's also worth noting that some Amazon vendors still advertise their charging puck as being able to expose 15W, but the listings usually admit that the number can only be obtained on Samsung phones.)

When manufacturers come out with MagSafe accessories, prices are often conspicuous. Perhaps one of the most notorious cases is Belkin's $ 40 Car Vent Mount Pro with MagSafe, which is not able to charge your phone. But Belkin is far from the only company to release expensive MagSafe accessories - Mophie has just announced a $ 150 three-in-one travel charging mat that has a MagSafe phone charger, an Apple Watch charging puck and a (presumably Qi) charger for AirPods. Apple's own MagSafe Duo charger, which does not include the extra AirPod pad, will set you back $ 130.

Compared to these products, Mophie's $ 90 three-in-one stand designed to stay at home seems almost reasonable - except for the fact that you have to bring your own MagSafe puck, which puts the price in line with Belkin's similar $ 150 home charging mat .

This does not mean that MagSafe is bad or that these manufacturers should feel bad. It's just that more than a year since they were first introduced, MagSafe accessories are still quite expensive. And while Belkin's latest puck does not go against that trend, it's at least nice to have a MagSafe charger with a longer, braided cable that you don't have to buy a separate stand for. However, it's still not as sweet as Belkin's charging wood.

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