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Biden ‘did nothing’ at Wednesday’s press conference, expelled ‘absurdities’: Bongino

"Unfiltered" host Dan Bongino removed President Biden's press conference Wednesday on "Fox News Primetime," saying he "did nothing in this speech."

"The most damaging political narratives ... for candidates, ... politicians, are the ones that ... ruin some pre-existing notions you had about who that person was, right? Well, it works in the other direction, too. , "told Bongino guest host Pete Hegseth. "If you're a failure - and based on the polls, the majority of Americans right now think Biden is a failure. So that's their pre-existing notion of who he is now. What he wanted to do was change that and give another story… It also works the other way. None of that happened. He did nothing in this speech. Nothing. "


Bongino called the speech "absurdities," including that he "exceeded expectations."

"... It's like saying, 'This fighter stinks so bad. We expected him to lose in 30 seconds in the first round, Pete, and he reached 50'," he commented. "And everyone takes a victory lap like, 'Man, this guy is amazing. He managed it 20 seconds more than we thought exceeded expectations'."

Other "absurdities" include that Biden has "no excuses for Afghanistan," Bongino said. He recalled that Hegseth hosted the Fox Nation Patriot Awards "in a very moving moment."

"I was sitting next to the table [of] the families [who] they lost ... 13 heroes - heroes, "Bongino continued." ... I would like to apologize for saying you had 'no excuse'. "

The Fox News host called Biden's response to inflation "outright funny."

"So inflation is that more money prints fewer goods, right?" he explained. "A simple tautology, right? So his answer to that is, 'Here's what we need to do ... Let's print more money in the Build Back Worse plan, and it will do it.' And people are listening to this. as "really?"

When asked about the fairness of this year's midterm elections if the suffrage law is not passed, Biden said that "it all depends on whether we are able to do the case for the American people that any of this is set up. to try to change the outcome of the election. "


"... [T]The real almost tragic comic part of it all is that the Democrats have never accepted the result of an election they do not like, "Bongino responded." You doubt me? Just go to a search engine ... and type 'Bush v. Gore'. They still believe Al Gore won the popular vote in Florida. He never won a single recount. I guarantee you that there are Democrats who still believe in it. They still believe that Vladimir Putin gave Donald Trump frictions back, and they collaborated to win the 2016 election and that Hillary should be president. "Stacey Abrams thinks she's running for governor of Georgia."

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