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Chinese couple trapped for a month together on their second date due to sudden COVID lockdown, get engaged

A Chinese woman caught on a month-long date due to a COVID-19 lockdown in Shaanxi province announced engagement plans for her quarantine date.

The woman, 28-year-old Zhao Xiaoqing, had arranged a one-day date with Zhao Fei (who is the same age) from Xianyang, Shaanxi Province, but one day turned into a month-long live-in date when a sudden COVID-19 lockdown measure was initiated.

Xiaoqing has reportedly been trapped inside Fei's home with his parents since mid-December last year. It was reportedly their second time that they met after previously being put on a blind date. According to South China Morning Post, she was not interested in Fei when she first saw a picture of him, but she had found out that their "souls are compatible" after living together for a few weeks.

"In the beginning, it was embarrassing for me to live in another person's home," Xiaoqing told the South China Morning Post. "But soon I found out they are relaxed, and I got used to life there."

Fei's parents had urged the two to get married after a week of lockdown, but the couple plans to wait at least six months before getting married. Taiwan news reported.

The post also reported that Fei had won Xiaoqing's heart with flowers and gifts given to her parents, and that Xiaoqing found him more handsome personally, as well as a "responsible" and "considerate" man.

"I livestream in his place to sell apples, and he's there no matter how late," Xiaoqing said. Global Times. "It really touched me and we are planning to get engaged after the lockdown is lifted, which is likely to be before the Chinese New Year on February 1."

"I really appreciate the love between us," she added. "This is the greatest harvest for me in the year 2021. I am grateful for this special karma."

Featured image via Huashang Daily

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