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Google Play Games beta brings Android games for PC

Android games are now officially available on PCs, with Google launching the new Play Games app for Windows in beta, bringing a collection of games, starting with players in select areas.

In recent years, Google has made an effort to make the technology in your life work better together, especially by synchronizing your information between devices. A particularly ambitious effort is "ambient computing" or doing whatever you want from the device you have at hand.

While we often think of this in the direction of performing complicated tasks on simple devices like a smart speaker, it can also work the other way around. As of today, Google Play Games is an excellent example of this, allowing you to easily play the games you like on your Android phone, from your desktop or laptop, which is more powerful than your phone.

As teased last month during The Game Awards, Google Play Games is now available in beta as a client to download games to a Windows PC. It's important that these games automatically sync your progress between your Android phone, tablet, PC and any other device logged in with Play Games.

To begin with, only a limited library of games will be available for beta testers to play, with Android game developers being encouraged to optimize their games for this new platform, including additional support to play with a full keyboard and mouse instead of with a touch screen. Although no official list has been shared, 12 different games appear in different parts of a new video.

Currently, the Play Games beta for Windows PCs is only available to players in South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, but Google has said they will soon expand to more regions. If you're a gamer in one of the currently supported areas and you have a Windows PC with reasonably good specifications, you can sign up for the Google Play Games beta today.

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