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Google will force free G Suite accounts for paid subscriptions from July

Google's online accounts usually fall into one of two categories: free personal accounts with an @ address associated, and workplace accounts provided by a company or organization. There are also some Google Accounts that offer custom domain options for corporate accounts (e.g. garden [email protected] as a Gmail account) for free, but now Google is cutting that option down several years after it stopped being offered.

Google has started sending emails to administrators (via 9 to Google) inform them that the "G Suite legacy free edition" plan will no longer be available from July 1, 2022. To maintain access to these accounts, you will need to switch to a paid Google Workspace subscription, which starts at $ 6 / month (per user). Google is offering discounts for the first 12 months to make the transition a little easier.

G Suite Email

Email sent to Google Workplace Administrators (Source: 9to5Google)

The free G Suite subscription, also known as the old Google Apps subscription, was discontinued for new customers on December 6, 2012. However, many people still use free G Suite accounts, especially since some of these accounts have purchases associated with them (such as paid Play Store apps and games, movies and TV shows from Google TV, and so on). Google says it will suspend accounts without billing information by July 1, 2022, and after a 60-day suspension, services like Gmail and Calendar (but not YouTube and Google Photos) will become unavailable.

Google has no method of transferring paid content from one account to another, so for anyone with a free G Suite account, the only options now are to pay for a plan or lose access to paid content. It's still possible to move emails, photos and some other data to another Google Account.

If you are affected by the change, you (or the administrator) should receive the same email from Google. Organizations with free Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals or Google Workspace for Nonprofits accounts will not be affected at all.

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