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Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle Mode is still broken despite new hotfix

Halo Infinite's Big Team Battle mode has been a sore point for fans for more than a month now. The matchmaking queues have had major problems, with larger parties having difficulty participating in games since early December. Those who do are often interrupted.

Today's Halo Infinite hotfix was supposed to solve problems regarding the Big Team Battle, but it has not completely solved them. 343 community director Brian Jarrard took to Twitter to say there have been minor improvements, but acknowledged that overall matchmaking issues continue. The team will continue to work on the issue until matchmaking is stable again.

To compensate players for their problems, 343 Industries is offering five XP boost and five Challenge Swaps to those who sign up before February 16th.

However, there are still issues with Big Team Battle Challenges, which may force players to use their Challenge Swaps faster than usual. Jarrard answered one user on Twitter who brought this point forward and said that because the matchmaking problems in the Big Team Battle continue to arise, the team is exploring what to do about such challenges.

At the moment there is no timeline for when there will be further fixes, but hopefully it will come soon when the matchmaking issues started almost a month ago. Meanwhile, developer 343 Industries has also focused on reducing the cost of in-game items.

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