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How to Clean Your Apple Cleaning Cloth for $ 19

Here's the scenario: You've managed to get your hands on Apple's hottest product, its $ 19 polishing cloth designed for cleaning nanotexture displays and other Apple devices. But oh no! Instead of hanging it up with the rest of your priceless artifacts, you accidentally used it to actually cleanse something, and now it's dirty. Fortunately, Apple has provided us with a guide on how to make our clothes good as new, and 9to5Mac has made us aware of these instructions.

Are you ready? Here's how Apple's How to Clean the Nano Texture Glass on Your Apple Monitor 'support article describes the process:

1. Wash the cleaning cloth by hand with dishwashing detergent and water.

2. Rinse thoroughly.

Let the cleaning cloth air dry for at least 24 hours.

The instructions have been on Apple's website for at least a few months, according to WayBack Machine, but despite a handful of reviews or articles mentioning them, I had not come across them. It's a real shame - other people who did not know the instructions either may have thrown out their invaluable polishing machines due to a bit of dirt, and wasted $ 20, simply because the cleaning instructions were buried on a support page instead of being included on a mark, or embossed on the cloth itself. (I would also settle for a prime location on the Apple website where all the people in the clothes spend their day.)

The instructions themselves are also a bit disappointing - in the end, Apple tells us to wash the cloth, as we would with any other delicate fabric. It is at least in stock again.

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