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Joss Whedon is still unable to just apologize, says Charisma Carpenter – Deadline

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel Actress Charisma Carpenter responded to Joss Whedon's first lengthy comments regarding allegations of misconduct raised against him over the past year. Whedon made the remarks in an in-depth interview with New York magazine this week.

About his interactions with Carpenter, who has said he called her "fat" when she was four months pregnant, Whedon vaguely said, "I was not behaving." He also said he was confused by her account.

"Most of my experiences with Charisma were lovely and charming. Sometimes she struggled with her lines, but no one could hit a line harder than her," Whedon said. "I did not call her fat."

The actress responded with a post on social media in which she called Whedon a "tyrannical narcissistic boss who is still unable to take responsibility and just apologize."

Carpenter last year not only claimed Buffy and Angel the creator called her "fat" while she was pregnant, but threatened to fire her and made people fight for his approval on the set.

One specific allegation she made was when, in a closed-door meeting after hearing about her pregnancy, Carpenter said Whedon "asked me if I 'would keep it'." The actress said Whedon "continued to attack my character, mock my character. Religious beliefs, accuse me of sabotaging the show, and then fired me without ceremonial the following season when I had given birth."

In the New York play, Whedon more generally admitted that he was not so "civilized" at the time. "I was young," he told the magazine. "I shouted, and sometimes you had to shout. This was a very young cast, and it was easy for everything to turn into a cocktail party."

The actress also said in her post, "#IStandWithRayFisher", referring to the Cyborg actor who has repeatedly accused Whedon of abuse and "problematic behavior" during remakes on Warners' Justice League.

Fisher responded yesterday by tweeting, "#ISstandWithCharismaCarpenter, who (like this 'bad actor in both senses') has no agency to decide issues of abuse or race, but because of the influence of a white male shadow puppet master." The "bad actor in both senses" is a reference to Whedon's description of Fisher in New York profile.

Carpenter also called the director's claim that another Justice League star Gal Gadot simply misunderstood him during a quarrel between the two.

Gadot said last year that Whedon "in a way threatened my career and said if I did anything [about her concerns], he would make my career miserable. ”

Whedon told NY magazine, "I'm not threatening people. Who does?" He claimed she simply misunderstood him because "English is not her first language and I tend to be annoyingly flourishing in my speech."

Carpenter responded yesterday, writing: "I think Gal Gadot not only understands career threats in English but also in Hebrew. Possibly also French, Spanish and Italian."

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