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Police warn of rise in AirTag stalking cases | Crime

EUGENE, Ore. - A tiny device now comes with a big warning.

Police departments across the country said they're seeing more cases of Apple's AirTag devices being used to track people and not just personal belongings.

Justin Myers, an investigator with the Springfield Police Department, said this type of stalking is something they are keeping an eye out for.

"It's a difficult device to be aware of; they are so small and so easily hidden," Myers said.

Apple's AirTag 'concerns

Apple will send your phone an alert if an unknown AirTag is detected. For example, it could say: "This item has been moving with you for a while; the owner can see your location." Android users can download an app called Tracker Detect. It looks for trackers that are separated from their owner and compatible with Apple's "Find My" network.

These small, button-size GPS devices are very useful to help you find misplaced belongings, like keys or a wallet and apparently even your dog or cat.

Faith Peavyhouse, a Coos Bay resident, said she puts an Apple AirTag on her cat's collar for when he goes outside.

"I can use my phone to ping him and track where he's at. It's super easy, and when you pin it, it makes him super anxious, so he comes right to me," Peavyhouse said.

While it can be a very useful tool to track your own items, just make sure no one's using it to track you.


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