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Prices, creator details and more

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Popular Instagrammers can now start charging money to view their content, in a move that seemed predetermined from the moment Facebook (now calling itself Meta) acquired the photo-sharing app.

In a Wednesday blog post, Instagram announced that a "handful of creators" have been selected to test subscriptions. The option to subscribe will appear as a new button on an Instagrammer's profile, and creators have the option to set their own prices, which can range from $ 0.99 to an astonishing $ 99.99 per month.

So what do you get for your money? Well, it looks like you'll be able to see Instagram stories created for subscribers only. Instagram creators can also choose to post live exclusively for those who pay. You will know that a story has been unlocked with a subscription of a new purple ring (as opposed to the pink / orange / yellow ombre situation with a public story and a green ring around a story for close friends).

You also get a new purple badge next to your name when you comment on a creator's post or send them a direct message that might get you some attention that random people without a badge do not get.

Facebook / Meta has said it will not take a cut in subscriptions until next year at the earliest.

"Creators do what they do to earn a living, and it's important that it's predictable," said Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri in a video announcing the new feature. "Subscriptions are one of the best ways to have a predictable income - a way that is not tied to how much reach you get on a given record, which will inevitably go up and down over time."

Mosseri also said that Instagram creators will eventually be able to take their subscriber lists to apps / sites owned by companies that are not Instagram (or Meta), which is an added incentive for creators to want to take advantage the new feature. Unlike Twitter's recently launched subscription service, Twitter blue, Instagram's version of subscriptions does not unlock any long-in-demand features (even if you have long been able to edit Instagram posts so it makes sense).

If you're not a creator, you will not be able to charge people to see your Instagram stories, which seems rude but perhaps fair. Some creators have used a solution to earn subscription revenue from Instagram prior to this launch by requiring users to subscribe off-platform to be added to the creator's "close friends" list. Creators can probably still use this solution (which would also avoid Instagram's eventual commission), but the official subscription method certainly seems more straightforward.


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