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Spears’ legal team wants Jamie to ‘admit’ he had a ‘romantic relationship’ with Lou Taylor

  • Britney Spears' legal team asks Jamie Spears to 'admit' he had a 'romantic relationship' with his daughter's former business manager.
  • Lawyers for the singer made a series of new allegations against her father in a Tuesday case.
  • Jamie has asked Britney to continue paying her legal fees, even after the conservatory closes.

While lawyers continue to fight their way through the ongoing legal battle left in the wake of Britney Spears' closed conservatory, the pop star's lawyer dropped a new bomb claim in a series of recently filed court documents.

In documents filed Friday, Britney Spears' lawyer Mathew Rosengart wants the singer's father, Jamie Spears, to "admit" that he had a "romantic relationship" with another key player in the #FreeBritney saga - her former business manager, Lou Taylor.

Insider reached out to lawyers for Jamie Spears, Britney Spears and Tri Star. Lou Taylor did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In more than 250 pages of court documents filed ahead of a Wednesday hearing in the ongoing match, Rosengart described the many ways Spears claims Jamie does not best serve his daughter's personal and financial interests as the custodian of her property through it. 13-year guardianship. that a judge in Los Angeles County officially ended in November 2021.

Hearings in the case continue months after the conservatory closes, as longtime stakeholders in the event iron out final financial decisions, including whether Britney will have to continue to pay her father's attorney's fees - a request Rosengart previously called "an abomination."

The applications from Rosengart try to prevent Jamie's demands for continued financial assistance by claiming that he, along with others involved in the conservatory, has committed several serious financial and personal offenses over the years.

Among the revelations in the court papers is Rosengart's claim that Jamie had a romantic relationship with Lou Taylor, who served as Britney Spears' longtime business manager under the conservatory.

"REQUEST FOR ADMISSION NO. 49: Admit that when you were a goods conservator, you had a romantic relationship with Lou Taylor," the lawyer writes.

According to the documents, Jamie Spears installed Taylor, his personal friend and CEO of Tri Star Sports and Entertainment Group, as his daughter's manager at the start of the conservatory, while already in financial debt to Taylor, after receiving a loan of $ 40,000 from Tri Star.

"Previously, in 2008, with no apparent source of fixed income, no visible job skills, having already filed for bankruptcy once, and while in debt to a start-up corporate management firm called Tri Star Sports & Entertainment for at least $ 40,000 against a loan Tri Star Mr Spears consulted with Tri Star, placed Ms. Spears in the conservatory and hired Tri Star as his business manager, "the new documents state.

A man is holding a sign that says "It's been Lou Taylor all along."
A Britney Spears supporter holds a "It's been Lou Taylor all along" sign at the #FreeBritney Rally in Washington Square Park on September 29, 2021 in New York City.
Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld / Getty Images

Rosengart claims that Jamie responded to requests from Tri Star for pay rises after Britney went on a professional break, guaranteeing the company a minimum of $ 500,000 in 2019, which represented a "260% increase from the amount it would otherwise have been justified. to receive for the year. " The arrangement was made by Jamie "without any apparent legal obligation to do so," according to the documents.

Jamie also used funds from Britney's property to support Taylor's attempt to take legal action against a #FreeBritney supporter in 2019, according to the legal records, although internal emails allegedly reveal that Jamie's own lawyer at the time concluded that Taylor's trial actually dealt with "about Lou," with "no connection" to Britney, and decided that Taylor should be responsible for the legal costs.

Taylor abruptly withdrew from his role with Spears' team in November 2020, citing death threats following media attention about the estate's controversies.

In Tuesday's court documents, Britney's lawyers made 75 specific allegations of misconduct against Jamie, demanding that he respond in writing to each one. In addition to seeking Jamie's recognition of his alleged romantic relationship with Taylor, lawyers also accused Jamie of taking an overseas trip to be baptized with Taylor and charging his daughter property for the trip.

Britney's legal team seeks all documents regarding communication between Jamie and any representative of Tri Star, including Taylor, as well as all correspondence, whether per. text or on paper, related to his personal relationship with Taylor.

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