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The United States approves the transfer of US weapons from allies to Ukraine

This move comes as the Biden administration warns that Russia could invade Ukraine at any time, and Foreign Minister Antony Blinken says the Kremlin plans to send more troops to the Ukrainian border.
The approvals - which have taken place in recent days - are a signal that the United States is seeking to inflict greater costs on Russian President Vladimir Putin if he goes ahead with the invasion. Biden said Wednesday that he expects Putin to "move in."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs cited close coordination with European countries and Ukraine when asked about the transfer of export licenses.

"European allies have what they need to move forward with further security assistance from Ukraine in the coming days and weeks," a Foreign Ministry spokesman said. "We are in close contact with our Ukrainian partners and our NATO allies about this, as well as using all available security cooperation tools available to us, including speeding up authorized transfers of U.S. origin equipment from other allies and partners through our third-party transfer process and Excess. Defense articles from DoD inventories, among other mechanisms. "

It is unclear when the weapons will arrive in Ukraine.

Earlier this week, Blinken visited Ukraine, where Ukrainian officials thanked him for US security assistance. But Ukrainians have also routinely sought additional military support.

This story breaks and will be updated.


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