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7 signs that a woman you know is a total narcissist

Close your eyes and imagine a narcissist. Try to imagine what you think a narcissist looks like in your mind. It looks like a man, doesn 't it? While, yes, there are many men in the world with the narcissistic personality disorder, all too often we associate the qualities of narcissism only with men.

We think of relentless ego and a complacent sense of complacency, and whatever the reason, we identify them as masculine traits. It is one of the most common stereotypes about narcissism.

But here's the thing - narcissism knows no gender boundaries. Women can also be narcissists.

Are men more likely to be narcissists than women? There is some research that supports this. However, this does not mean that women are immune to narcissism.

We all know women who do everything about THEM, women who brag about themselves, women who are vain or self-absorbed. Women who absolutely fit the classic definition of narcissism, which is "excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one's physical appearance."

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There are many, many female narcissists in the world, and if you want to maintain healthy relationships with the people in your life, stay away from them.

Here are 7 signs that a woman is a narcissist.

1. Every conversation revolves around her.

While it's fine to talk about yourself occasionally in social contexts, a true narcissist will almost exclusively talk about himself OR will constantly try to steer the conversation back to her.


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