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A British man ran off without a driving license for over 70 years

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An 84-year-old man from Nottingham in the UK confessed to police that he had driven a car without a driving license for over 70 years, reportedly having managed to avoid being pulled over once in more than seven decades, reports the BBC.

The unnamed man, born in 1938, had been driving since he was 12 years old. He had neither one license nor insurance to show police when they pulled eight-year-olds over near a supermarket, which BBC reports, thereby ending his reign of terror. Considering the picture from the police, it appears that they have seized his car.

That announcement from Notts City North Police were infidels:

The City North OP Reacher team is out on proactive patrols in Sherwood and Carrington tonight, but an early query from The Bearded Boss in Bulwell showed he was pulling over this Mini One next to the Tesco Extra.

We can not quite fathom what happened when the driver, who was born in 1938 (!!), coughed that he had been driving without a license and without insurance since he was 12 (yes TWELVE) years old ... ..and somehow it had never managed to be stopped by the police. (We let you figure it out !!)

Luckily, he had never been in an accident, caused any damage and never caused anyone to lose financially by hitting them while not insured!

The police went on to assertion the likelihood of getting away with driving without a driver’s license or insurance is very low today, thanks to Automatic license plate recognition (ANRP) cameras monitoring British roads. But I do not know. They have reportedly existed since at least the late decades or early teens, meaning the 84-year-old still managed to escape for about a decade!

That Nottinghamshire Police was rightly concerned about the 72 years the eight-year-old avoided the authorities, but I'm more interested in this scofflaw running a base model Mini One. Our own Owen Bellwood says that these mini models were always more expensive as automatic in the UK.

If this 84-year-old has been driving since 1950, and does not bother to pay for fees or insurance, maybe he has also skipped the auto gear over. I do not want to tolerates driving without a license or insurance, but I have to give this guy credit if he still tilts three pedals in such a stylish hatch of 84.

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