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Brian Daboll is set to help Daniel Jones become the Giants’ franchise QB

The Giants' hiring of Brian Daboll as their new head coach means it really is Put Up or Shut Up for Daniel Jones. Last Chance Saloon to be The Mann.

Everyone knows Daboll worked magic with Josh Allen in Buffalo. While no one should expect former general manager Dave Gettleman's eye to automatically join the top tier of elite quarterbacks, this will be his opportunity once and for all to make the franchise seriously believe he can truly become a franchise quarterback who followed after Eli Manning.

Daboll is not only a creative and innovative offensive mind whose time is up, he is a builder of relationships and a man of empathy and compassion that Allen - and Buffalo's offensive players - respected and adored.

"Players don't care how much you know," Daboll once said, "until they know how much you care. I think that's an important quality that I try to get better at every year."

Daboll was not hired strictly to lift Jones higher. The Giants want and need him to be the CEO and leader that they thought Joe Judge was before the clown show arrived at the end of last season.

But Daboll, who is marching in lockdown as a partner with the new GM Joe Schoen, promises to give Jones a warm and fuzzy feeling - and it does not hurt that Daboll may be able to bring the Giants' attacks back from the dead and find the end zone without need a sighted dog.

Brian Daboll
The Giants appointed Brian Daboll as their new head coach on Friday night.
Getty Images

The real Daniel Jones must stand up in his fourth season, otherwise Daboll will whisper sweet things to a different quarterback in 2023.

Ready, willing and Daboll.

"I want to say I'm a leader," Daboll once said. “You have to develop relationships with your players, but you also have to set a standard and an expectation that you want to hold them accountable to. When a player can trust you and you earn their respect, they are more accountable to you. "

There were times when Daboll showed Allen hard love on the sidelines and their bond was unbreakable.

"I think teams would be foolish not to offer Brian Daboll a job," Allen said Monday. "I pray they do not, because I want him back here, but I love him and his family too much to really believe it.

"I think he's one of the best coaches in the league."

Josh Allen (right) called Brian Daboll (left) 'one of the best coaches in the league'.
Josh Allen (right) called Brian Daboll (left) 'one of the best coaches in the league'.
Getty Images

The jury remains out of Jones after the neck injury that cost him the last six games last season. The referee's offensive coordinator problems and the miserable state of the Giants' offensive line both helped sabotage his career. The giants - from John Mara to Schoen and down - love Jones' physical tools and intangible objects with double threat, and they will hope and pray that Daboll will be able to unlock the promise that Jones showed as a rookie under Pat Shurmur.

In Mara's mind, Jones is not a 12-25 quarterback.

When Daboll lost his grandmother in September, Allen and the Bills rallied behind him and for him with a 43-21 victory over Washington.

"He's a guy that I love dearly, and to go out there and play like we did for him, the guys understood that, and we wanted to go and perform and play well for him," Allen said.

Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones missed the last six games of the season due to a neck injury.
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Sometimes you just know, or you think you know. Mike Tomlin, Kyle Shanahan, Sean McVay, John Harbaugh, Sean Payton, Jimmy Johnson, Andy Reid. Someone knew that.

Or someone was lucky. For there is always an element of luck involved. There have been countless can-miss hotshots that missed e.g. The Giants have not been lucky lately. Ben McAdoo, Shurmur, judge. Ray Handley just after Bill Parcells.

So even though it's impossible to shout "Super Bowl, here we come!" from the top of the Empire State Building - the top of the Quest Diagnostics Training Center is far more realistic - Daboll's hiring of the bright new GM signals the beginning of a new day, and a time for whipped Giants fans to trust The shoe got it right, and crosses fingers that the ruthless football gods will now admit that the law of averages is on their side.

After too many years of Dumb and Dumber, the half-full Giants fan today says, "So you tell me there's a chance."

Yes, I'm telling you there's a chance.

I would have told you that there was a chance with Brian Flores too.

Brian Daboll
Brian Daboll
Getty Images

Schoen has to evaluate the hell out of the players in the draft, and Daboll has to coach the hell out of his players - and hire better offensive coaches than Judge did.

"Always hire someone you know," the late George Young once said. "That way you have a good idea of ​​how the person is. No surprises. "

The shoe hired someone he knew. Parcells and Bill Belichick were not options. The Giants landed two notes anyway.

"You hire someone with a high energy level," Young also said. "And something to prove."

Dabøll, who turns 47 in April, has enough to prove. That he is more than an offensive coordinator. That he is more than just a quarterback whisperer. That the experiences he learned under Belichick and Nick Saban will steel him to cope with the inevitable storms.

Here's your shot, Danny Boy. Your last shot is The Mann.


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