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Britney Spears calls Jamie Lynn ‘outcast’ in a scathing new post

Oops! She did it… yes, you understand.

Britney Spears called her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, "outcast" - once again - in a sharp new Instagram post, which was shared on Friday.

“National bestseller ???? DUH 🙄…. the timing of your book was incredible, Jamie Lynn… especially knowing that the whole world had no idea what was really being done to me !!!! ” the superstar, 40, wrote and referred to his younger sibling's memoirs, "Things I Should Have Said."

Jamie Lynn, 30, described herself as "a NATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR!" in his own Instagram post Friday.

As Britney pointed out, the book was published only two months after she was released from a controversial conservatory that had controlled her personal, medical, and financial affairs for nearly 14 years. With the help of lawyer Mathew S. Rosengart, it was finally dissolved in November.

"My whole family including you say YOU DIDN'T KNOW," Spears said. “Bulls – t !!!”

The singer has previously criticized her family members - also including father Jamie, mother Lynne and brother Bryan Spears - for their roles in the restrictive legal system, which she has called "abuse".

The post was accompanied by a montage of media personalities - including Adrienne Bailon-Haughton from "The Real" - who paralyzed Jamie Lynn for detailed private moments of Britney's life in the void and in a series of media appearances to promote it.

"But what these women are saying here is pretty clear !!!! I'm just a little shocked that more people like these real soul sisters are not telling it like it is !!! Congratulations bestseller… I'm not surprised at all 👏🏼 📚👎🏻 !!! ” added the Grammy winner.

Britney also noted Jamie Lynn's claims about her former "Zoey 101" co-star Alexa Nikolas, who has long accused Jamie Lynn of bullying her on the set for the Nickelodeon show.

"You're nervous about selling a book now and talking to you [sic] f – king is lying like you lied about Alexa Nikolas !!!! "she said." I wish you would take a lie detector test so all these lots of people can see you lying through your teeth about me !!!! "

Britney ended her message by wishing "The Lord would be able to come down and show this whole world" that Jamie Lynn "is lying and making money on" the pop icon.

She resigned and wrote, "You are scum, Jamie Lynn."

Britney and Jamie Lynn quarreled in public in early January when the latter Spears drifted with "Things I Should Have Said". Eventually, they sent each other termination-and-waiver letters in an apparent attempt to prevent more headlines.


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