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Sources: Josh McDaniels ‘all-in’, and so is the Las Vegas Raiders on the McDaniels-Dave Ziegler partnership

Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler are ready to form a partnership in Las Vegas as the Las Vegas Raiders expect new head coach and general manageraccording to league sources who are not authorized to speak in public.

Long before that moment, they were college teammates at Division III John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. Now, McDaniels and Ziegler are to form a New England Patriots West Coast edition.

Josh McDaniels meets with the Raiders Friday night

McDaniels is having dinner with the Raiders' management team Friday night, according to sources. He is expected to be hired along with Ziegler within the next few days.

Unlike when McDaniels withdrew from a deal with the Indianapolis Colts, he is not expected to get cold feet this time.

McDaniels informed the Raiders that he would not accept their interview request unless he was offered the job, according to sources. And the Raiders told McDaniels that if and when he was offered the position, he should be prepared to accept. Sources stressed that all parties are on the same page, including McDaniels, Ziegler, Raiders owner Mark Davis and team president Dan Ventrelle.

The Raiders will rely on the McDaniels-Ziegler partnership

When McDaniels was the head coach of the Denver Broncos, he hired Ziegler to work in the scouting department. At the time, Ziegler was an assistant coach at a high school in Arizona.

Ziegler has since worked his way up the ranks of New England. He has just completed his first season as the Patriots' player personnel director after spending several years in professional personnel and scouting.

Now Ziegler is about to join his good friend in Las Vegas. It's a coveted job, attached to one of the finest venues and stadiums in the National Football League.

Ziegler will be one of several former Patriots employees who now have an NFL general manager role. This list includes Jason Licht (Buccaneers), Jon Robinson (Titans) and Nick Caserio (Texans).

Raiders owner Mark Davis is willing to spend big bucks for the right coach

McDaniels is the highest paid assistant coach in the NFL at about $ 4 million annually. He needs more to take the plunge to Las Vegas, and the Raiders have an owner in Mark Davis who - as we know former HC Jon Gruden - is willing to spend the money if he thinks he has the right guy.

McDaniels has been praised for his previous work with star quarterback Tom Brady during his tenure in New England. He has also been praised for this season's efforts to develop Mac Jones, a first-round draft pick from Alabama. McDaniels has three Super Bowl victories as an offensive coordinator and was part of New England's staff in six Super Bowl victories.

McDaniels, 45, was the former head coach of the Broncos 11 years ago. He got 8-8 in his first season after starting the year with six wins in a row. However, he was fired in 2010 after having a 3-9 lead in his second campaign.

Will McDaniels 'retirement from the Colts' job hurt his candidacy?

In 2018, McDaniels was announced as the Indianapolis Colts' new head coach. He retired from the position and remained with the Patriots. Although McDaniels' termination of the deal created downfall (including agent Bob LaMonte, who ended his representation), all hard feelings or hesitation towards McDaniels are eased around the league.

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As for Ziegler, he is considered a strong talent evaluator with a good background in professional and college scouting. He reportedly has a feel for the big picture and developed a task-oriented style while working under Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

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