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Person shot off of Capitol Square, Madison police say

A hail of gunfire rang out just off Capitol Square Tuesday afternoon, leaving one person shot while the gunman remains at large, Madison police said.

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The perpetrator shot the victim on the 100 block of State Street in front of iconic Madison restaurants and shops around 3:30 pm, Madison police spokesperson Stephanie Fryer said. The victim was conscious and alert when he was taken to the hospital, Fryer said.

From an office above Capitol Square, eyewitness Jason Stein said he heard gunshots, and after looking down, saw the gunman continue to shoot at the victim at point blank range in the street.

Stein said he heard around five to seven shots in total.

When Stein reached street level, the victim was gone.

The bleeding man was taken out of the rear of Michelangelo's Coffee House, where he apparently fled after he was shot, said another eyewitness, former State Journal photographer Kayla Wolf, who also saw people fleeing down State Street.

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Wolf said the man appeared responsive as EMTs wheeled him to an ambulance.

The shooting comes a week after a gunman fatally shot a man in a residential area off John Nolen Drive. The shooter in that incident also remains at large.

"Having two so very close to each other is really so uncommon for Madison," said Police Chief Shon Barnes.

"When we have violence here in Madison, it should be something where we all stand up and say this is not what we want for our community and look for possible solutions to this," Barnes said.

State Journal reporter Daniela Jaime contributed to this report.

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